Here are a few comments from people we’ve worked with in the past and how satisfied they were.

“I saw their portfolio online, decided I give them a try and seriously, they beat my expectations”
-John, Lagos

“One word, exceptional. I mean they are super passionate about their job and that reflects in their work”
– Mr. Adepega, Ibadan

“I met Peter in his early days and ever since, I’ve knew him to being a world class photographer. Recently my sister got married and he got the job and waoh, I was definitely surprised by what a he pulled up, a stunner”
– Joyce, Lagos

“Definitely, these has been one of those moments of my life that I cherish because I made the right decision. Peter made my day”
– Bisi, Warri

“You need to see how they work, tirelessly, always ready to capture a bit of every detail and still, giving out world class output, I mean, its amazing”
– Mr. Gbenga, Kaduna

“When I saw Peter, all I just did was believe in him and I wasn’t let down. Thanks a bunch”
– Gift, Lagos

“As a photographer you don’t ask for praises, people praise you with you work and Peter Alawode Photography speaks with their excellent jobs”
– Mr Onyebuchi, London

“Bright images, new look photography, that was what I wanted, that was what I got”
– Ifeoluwa, Ogun

“I think if I had to come into this world again, and get re-married, ill go as far as looking for Peter Alawode Photography”
– Mr Adeola, Lagos

“He is such a funny character to Behold, he got me relaxed and that helped my shoot go down well”
– Precious Amuta

That’s all we can go for now, but hey, you too could be like our clients who have smiled their way to their homes, just contact us and we will be at your doorsteps to deliver at its best.


2 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. Hmmmm, peter is more than a photographer. He goes beyond capturing the physical, he captures the soul, every expression, smile,tear,anger and all. I couldn’t have been more grateful for meeting peter.


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