Here are a few frequently asked questions we are usually faced with, we have given answers to them below.

Que: How can I get in touch with you?
Ans: Kindly visit our Contact us pageand get the necessary details

Que: How much do you bill?
Ans: Our pricing defers due to your pocket, you can know more by putting a call through to us or using the contact us form. 

Que: What’s your style of Photography?
Ans: Style? We are extremely professionals and are not streamlined to one or two special styles. We are flexible and work with the environment and based one each client. We love shooting candidly in most cases as it expresses the true emotions.

Que: Do I pay extra charges after I’ve paid for your comprehensive services?
Ans: No, No and No.

Que: What mode of payment do you collect?
Ans: We accept bank teller or cash at hand but must be paid at least 48hours before your occasion so as to enable us prepare well.

Que: Can we pay in instrumentals?
Ans: Yes of course, we accept at least a 70% before the event and 30% payment when the job is delivered but we advice clients to pay once because of the financial gap felt after a big event.

Que: Are you mobile?
Ans: Yes we are, we work anywhere, anytime, as long as its demanded for. Be it Lagos, Ibadan, Awka, Abuja, we are ready and up to the task.

Que: What equipment do you work with?
Ans: We use Sony, Canon and Nikon cameras with fast lens and speed lights (if need be)

Que: How long does it take for our job to be delivered?
Ans: A minimum of 1 week and maximum of 3 weeks is how fast we deliver jobs. How elaborate your event is determines how fast it arrives. Weddings take longer because its split into 3 different occasions, a birthday party would take shorter time.

Que: Do you sell the pictures on this website?
Ans: Yes we do, but pictures from events are not given out without the consent of the clients. Only photos by our models are directly negotiated with us.

Que: Are your prices negotiable?
Ans: Definitely, they are negotiable.

Que: What other services do you offer?
Ans: We print in large wall sizes, photoshoots for individuals, magazines and advert promos.

If you still have a question for us that you can find here, kindly leave us a comment below and we will definitely answer you or send a mail to peterhaloway@gmail.com