Fact and Fiction Are Friends

Hey reader,

It’s 3:35am and I’m on my bed, it’s been a month since I last wrote which made me remember how I promised myself to write once in two days but alas, here I am, first post in December. This led me to understand that facts and fiction are friends. Have you ever been told a fact but it ended up being fiction? Life is just like that, Photography is also full of facts and facts at times are fiction. 
Are you still confused?

It’s a fact that better beautiful images attract people attention but it’s fiction actually because an Image doesn’t need to be beautiful to attract attention. It just needs to have an intrinsic value, something that it preaches. 

Back to life, dear pal, facts and fiction are friends. I have learnt one thing, that is to never believe anything said to me until I’ve verified/experienced it. 

At some point in my early days in photography, I began to question a lot of things. Why shoot on Program mode? Why autofocus? Why must the subject always be in the middle? All these were what I had been told as fact that without them, you wouldn’t have a perfect picture. Sorry, it was fiction. It was only said because those I contacted never understood the chemistry behind the camera. If I had accepted all that was said as fact, I wouldn’t know half I know now. 

Growing up as a young child, my parents painted a bright future, one of less stress, no challenges basically but my friend, their fact was actually fiction to give me hope in the future. Being a man is the most difficult task anyone can ever be given. If facts and fiction are friends, then what do we have to do? 

Nothing! The mere understanding that their are no dogmas, no acceptable conventional way of doing things, that all that is said isn’t to be accepted without verification, that no one is the god of whatever they claim is enough. Be more cautious. There’s no conventional shooting style, no limit to your ideas, don’t let people tell you something is a fact, it can actually be fiction. 

I hope to write soon,

Yours photographically,

Peter Alawode


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