Horrible things that should not happen to a photographer.

Dear reader,

The new academic semester has taken its toll on me. I discovered I’ve not written in a long time only yesterday. How have you all been? Photography is magical, right? The way a single action of physics can record priceless memories. Today I’ll be sharing the experiences of friends on mistakes they’ve made as a professional photographer so you can avoid it too (if you are yet to make such).

Don’t give another man food to eat
Femi is a newbie in Photography, he just started shooting a few months ago and his little sour experience came when after Shooting at a public event as just a side kick Photographer trying to gain experience, he was approached by the main photographer to have his images, Femi naively gave him his memory card after the event and he copied every thing that could be copied from the card. Weeks later, Femi saw his shoots all over the clients Instagram account. That was simply working for someone else, for free. Never give your memory card to any one, never give your raw images to someone you hardly know, you are risking the life of your image on the long run. He literally give another man food to eat.

The virus is not your friend.
Damola is a student at the academy and in October we went to shoot my Maternal Uncle. After the shoot we decided to edit with his own PC because mine had been borrowed by a close pal. We inserted the memory card and everything became renamed as ‘Skypee’. My friend had a co-landlord, trojan virus. The worst thing that can happen is losing a wedding to such elements. I was disgusted and ordered him to get his PC clean but that was too late. Imagine if it was just a client who had entrusted me with his once in a lifetime event, what do I do? So friends never stop scanning your PC and updating your antivirus. Viruses ain’t your friend.

Hurried negotiations lead nowhere.
Someone calls you and request they need you to come photograph in the next couple of hours or so. Well friend, why not politely decline? You’ll love yourself more if you don’t agree to do anything hurriedly because usually, there’s no time to discuss the nitty gritty of how you work and get renumerated and so you end up on the sympathetic side if you’ve worked yourself out and now begin to negotiate your charge. Chances are high that the client would drastically slash you down, he or she has nothing to lose really because they’d doubt if you will go to the extreme of deleting the images unless if you are like me, (last time I made this mistake because it was my church, well, I assisted in clicking the delete button as much times I had clicked the shutter button)

Have a story to share? Use the comment section below.

Alright folks, I’ve got to fly out now. I hope to write more often this most. Cheers

Peter Alawode.


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