Photography is priceless

Dear reader,

I’ve been away for a long time, college examination and the other unforseen circumstances were responsible but alas am back. I’ve been able to learn alot of things in recent weeks including carving out my own niche. As a people photographer, I only want to photograph portraits and well planned events. What about you?

From “The Collection” – Out September 15

Photography is priceless.

I ran a fan poll on twitter “How much are you willing to pay for a wedding photographer?” The results were shocking but quite understandable considering the economic conditions of Nigeria and that of the majority of the voters but in actual reality it’s what’s happening.

After 17 votes, 41% believed they can pay below N50,000 ($142) for a wedding photographer, another 41% opined to spending between N50,000 – N100,000 ($142 – $284) while 12% were willing to pay up to N200,000 ($564) and only 6 percent believe they can pay above N200,000 for a wedding photographer. 

But here is the real statement,

“Photography is priceless, moments can’t be returned, once Freezed, it’s Freezed for life”

If Photography is priceless then you should endure to pay well to get the best quality since you can’t re-act your event and get another photographer. If you shooting a portrait for your birthday, your birthday happiness will no doubt be reflected in the photographs than on just a regular day. Here is why photography is expensive and you should endeavour to pay well as a client.

From “The Collection” – Out September 15

1. Gears are expensive.

How much do you think a camera costs? When majority of us are shooting we are handling instruments that are worth as much as your vehicle (say Toyota Camry 06 model 😁 several cameras are above $2000, try Leica M9) I’ve got a camera worth 600$ in today’s market, I got it for 500$, Speedlites of about $70 , batteries, chargers, etc. All these I need to be able to document your moments seamlessly and if I keep charging peanuts, I’m not going to make any headway. You dig?

2. Off the camera expenses are massive.

When you go to the print office, there’s a price. Your PC gets damaged you need to repair, my website domain expires by November, I have to pay, online promotions, transportation cost before and after job etc are all a big chunk of what takes a lot of the photographers expenses. You wouldn’t want your photographer to be stranded while ordering your pictures on a large wall canvass, would you?

3. The best photographers are never cheap.
When you hire a photographer and the price is quite low, expect a low quality of work. Dont argue it, it’s the fact. Do you want a high quality end product? Then pay highly.

Currently I charge between $150 – $400 for a portrait session with deliverables in wall hangings of variable sizes, events from $284 – $900 but it’s not about how much you are paying, it’s about how much you are getting. Quality uncompromised can only be gotten with money not underspent.

So dear clients, spend more and photographers charge to match your quality. Incase you a photographer that has a problem with your price schemes, send me a mail I’ll be Willing to help.

Want to book a portrait session or need me for your event photography? or send a mail

From “The Collection” – Out September 15

Yours photographically,
Peter Alawode


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