Why you should hire a professional photographer. 

Dear Friend,

It’s been awhile I wrote to you. I sincerely apologize, it’s been due to powers that be. I hope I’ve not offended you all, I know my posts are like a daily dose of coffee (Just how I like it) so I apologize more sincerely again.

Happy New Month. July will definitely live up to our expectations, photographically and in all ramifications of life. You can make a month resolution to do something new in your photography journey. Today, I’ll be writing for our non-photographers, enjoy.

As an individual who needs a photographer for one or two purposes, you have the option to hire anyone to shoot for you, you could even give a 13 year old a compact camera and to you he has done what you need – click the shutter button. I’m sorry, I have to tell you you are making a big mistake if you are yet to hire a professional photographer at least for once.

You wondering, why should I hire a professional? Isn’t it just about taking images?

Photography is more than the Shutter Button.
To create the perfect image is more than the shutter button. I know not everyone will give a camera to a 13 year old kid to shoot them if they really mean business but there are actually photographers and professional photographers – This is what you need to be able to decipher. Let’s do a bit of diversion,

Lexically, a professional photographer can be said to be someone who earns a living by photography but photographically, a professional photographer is someone who understands the artistic and scientific facets of Photography. What am I saying? Anyone can pick up a camera and shoot but not everyone understands the scientific and artistic formation behind the success of every image. Also, a professional should be art hungry than money hungry.

Now, you should know that a professional photographer will not just tell you to pose while he shoots, he thinks about how you will look the best in the final image, he thinks about what settings will best suit the light conditions he is shooting in, he composes with his environment to create an artistic image. This is what makes the difference in your family picnic images taken by your 13 year old son and the ones I’ll photograph at the same picnic.

Professionals Are Expensive
Yes I know, I know we are expensive because we use expensive gears. You shouldn’t expect the same quality with a 90$ camera and a 600$ camera like mine (which is still cheap to some of its peers) and that’s not just it. Professionals will use other gears, external lights, stands, octaboxes etc and these aren’t freely gotten too. You should therefore hire one to get the best quality from quality equipments we have acquired over time. The knowledge gotten in the skill isn’t also cheap, it took me a lot of self determination and practice to get to the level which I am but still not happy with yet as I know I can still do more. All these are what you pay for,  even the stress of post production can be minimal until you experience it. Just don’t be stingy, remember this. 
There’s more work after we click the shutter button.
Like I said earlier, a professional understands the artistic and scientific process of photography and for such reasons, there’s more to do after we shoot an image. In post production, the professional decides what parameters best suit an image. I have had a few friends say some of my images are dark, I ask why and their reasons are giving unprofessionally. When we talk of a perfect exposure in photography, we simply refer to the highest level of brightness that can be achieved without the expense of any part of the image being whitewashed by overexposure. Since light gets to different parts of the image invariably, some parts will be brighter than others so expecting equal exposure all round seems impossible that doesn’t render the image dark or underexposed. So when you hire a professional photographer, you are rest assured of getting the best you can.

Professionals aren’t photography prostitutes
Sounds funny? No. When I say photography prostitutes, I’m referring to shooting anything and everything. A professional is different from a freelancer. If you are booking me and I’m not working with humans, we will have a problem as I’m a people photographer, i might not give you the best of results if you ask me to photograph your products or a house (unless I get familiar with it in the feature and buy gears to fit it) but I’d rarely do that, because I’m not a photography prostitute, I’ll do better by referring you to a photographer who can give you your desired results. Unfortunately, we end up just asking someone to come photograph because they own a camera. We should try getting the best professionals in the field you want to get photography service in. You might request for their portfolios (or mine too), this will let you know more about the photographer and if they will be able to suit your needs.

You get more than you pay for.
No matter how expensive hiring a professional might seem, in the long run, you get more than you pay for. You get image security, a lot of fun on set, good client relations (could be bad though, personality dependant), quality deliverables, online galleries like mine and most importantly, memories engraved for time memorial.

You have your own part to play too, hiring a professional photographer means you should be ready to accept the sugar and kolanuts we would give you in the process of working together. Be rest assured, I have less kolanuts to offer 😂

Be of good cheer
Yours Photographically,
Peter Alawode


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