Photography and it’s meddlers

Its Over 7 years of handling cameras, being at several job situations and met with clients from far and wide, I can concretely say ‘don’t mind the photography meddlers’
You might wonder, why am writing about this topic. The reason isn’t far fetched, not at all. Let me share a story with you.
I was at a printing office some months ago and I was busy with my work when some dude I have never seen on the face of earth walked up to me and said ‘Your picture no good, you never sabi work’ I asked why in a curious tone and he replied, ‘the image don too black now, shey you no see ni, the exposure no good at all. A good image suppose clear’ he was talking about this image below. 

Now, here’s what’s going on. The young man doesn’t have a foetus of an idea about low key photographs or even an inch knowledge on professional photography. Then you wonder why he is meddling with my photography? Some individuals just can’t do without meddling, for them, its their way of showing superiority. Who cares about superiority any way?

Why you shouldn’t worry about the meddlers
When someone meddles into your photography, either technically or management wise, you have no need to worry. This is because, such individuals aren’t meant for your consumption and innate thinking.

Every image is beautiful.
This is a theory I’ll always prove any time I get the chance to. Humans look at images and interpret them different. We photographers, before we shoot, also interpret what the final product will be before we shoot. By this, we might tend to see two different angles to an image. Some might see the aesthetics, others might see the message being passed by the photograph. Some images might not pass a message directly, but that doesn’t mean that they lack aesthetics. It all depends on how you look at it. Your composition techniques will always be the best if you believe it is the best.

There is no traditional way of taking an image.
I am not a fan of traditional way of doing things. I always want to try out new methods. If you are met with someone who is more of a traditionalist, they might want to impose their views on you, don’t be swiveled. A Yoruba adage says, “Ona kan o woja” meaning, one road doesn’t lead into the market. Life is just like a game of football with different formations, if a 4-4-2 doesn’t work for you despite the fact that’s its the worlds most popular formation, that doesn’t make a 3-4-3 formation useless (Ask Antonio Conte and his Chelsea team). Even composition techniques are unlimited because each day, someone somewhere else composes his image with a different style not of the world’s knowledge yet. So just don’t think about meddlers.

Majority of meddlers are nay sayers
You know what your mother told you about nay sayers? She said don’t mind them! I just don’t mind meddlers. Everyone has got a style. Each photographer with their style. As long as I’m happy with my style of photography, theirs no amount of negative words anyone can say that will bring me down. I have learnt to disregard them, you too should.

Steps to surviving a photography meddler

  • Be polite, listen to them at first
  • Prove your stand in its most simple and humble way
  • Don’t create new discussion if they persist
  • Maintain your stand.

It is very important to different between a meddler and a criticism. While a critic will professionally analysis an image while pointing both the good and bad side of the image, a meddler wants to show off their own knowledge, most importantly, they are uninvited.

Why meddle?

Yours photographically, 

Peter Alawode. 


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