As I write this post,

Am confused!

What is confusion?

Are you expecting a Merriam Webster like definition? Well, I don’t want to disappoint you so,


‘a situation in which people are uncertain about what to do or are unable to understand something clearly – Merriam Webster Dictionary’


That moment when I don’t know if to cook pasta over beans is what this definition of confusion agrees with but I just discovered that there’s another way of being confused.

Boredom is Confusion!

So I’ve been home for 10 days now, I’ve only gone out of the house on one day leaving 9 others spent indoors. Today I got tired of boredom. Boredom is annoying. I opened my simplenote app to write blog posts for today and the days to come but I couldn’t get the drive to write, I was bored. As a photographer, photographs are what inspire us often. We look at an image, think of the circumstances we went through to create the work of art and boom, we begin to write. Out of lack of inspiration, I picked up my camera and began to think “What can I shoot?” I had to find subjects around me, I had to create my own uniqueness from nothing.

I want to go back to the streets

Street photography is my first love but (I hate buts) I live in an area far from the metropolis and makes it hard to see people here often, I’ve got to go out probably about 25km before I begin to see real faces, people, cars etc that are worth shooting but I don’t have that vigour right now. I think I should sit at home and just shoot the little friends in the neighborhood but their faces won’t look interesting to me, not once. Also, I’m a partner kinda street photographer. Joshua was my partner throughout 2015, even though he never shot any street photograph with his camera, he just couldn’t summon up the courage and guts. Walking alone on the streets will seem absurd to me but I believe I should try it after I finish writing this post. Street photography gives me no restrictions, it’s just like a farmer who gets to his farm and there’s a whole lot of ripe fruits to harvest that he can never finish the harvesting. Every new day has new subjects to photograph with new poses and new stories. I met a lot of friends on the streets in 2015 even though I’ve lost connection with a lot of them but I learned one thing, the people I met were people I never thought I could talk to, some smiling old women, some young thugs and some averagely rich men who just loved the courage I had as a teenager to put my camera in their faces.

Creative Photography has taken me over

How did I become this absurd with photographs? I was just observing Lakin Ogunbanwo’s rich work of art and I began to discover I had that part of me that could do the same if not more. Visual images of absurdities were filling my head second in second out and that was the birth of #31DaysOfOctober project. I believe in more than just shoot a portrait but there is the confusion again! People aren’t ready to work for me over here. My parents are introverted and as such, I have a very small amount of friends at home. I can’t recall entertaining visitors at home, it’s not our thing. I wish I had friends who I could just walk to their house and we would do something spectacular immediately. I want to do a lot of creative shoots, I have three pending projects in my head but I’m drawn back by the fact that I can’t easily find the people to work with, isn’t that annoying? Nigerians need to be art hungry. I wish to belong to a community of people who are just hungry about art before money. People ask me when I tell them I want to work with them on an idea, “What’s in for me?” I get angry at the fact that people or let me say Nigerians aren’t art hungry yet. Sometimes it’s not about the money. Bayo Omoboriowo during his Tedx Gbagada speech said he shot documentary photography for the fun of it. He went home hopeless, without being paid and even losing his iPhone 5s on one of such occasions until he became the Presidential Photographer. I want to do something creative in the coming days and I hope to.

Confusion can be avoided.

Boredom is just a trait of the moment.
I believe I’m currently bored because of the location I find myself. I’m far from talents, far from fellow contributors and far from every body who will be an inspiration to art. To kill my boredom I’ve decided to do a few things.

Make a decision and make it stick.


Viktor Frank said, ‘A human being is a deciding being’


That’s exactly how to avoid confusion and boredom. If you make a decision to shoot make sure to shoot. Don’t have a second thought, don’t think you shouldn’t shoot it because it’s not worth it, every photograph is worth it. I have being documenting my sister and her baby who is my nephew, Shalom. They came home for a week and I believe shooting him will kill boredom. He his also a great subject to be photographed so makes it great for me too. As an individual too, we should avoid being confused in our lives. We should try to make strong decisions, decisions that we will endeavour to keep. A famous public speaker once said,


“Maturity is taking decisions and being responsible for it”


We therefore must be responsible for our decisions.

Learn new things.


“He who stops learning, is dead”

It’s totally a joke to believe that we know it all. Even great photographers of the world never stop learning. They upgrade themselves with current trends, new shooting techniques and learn from fellow photographers too. You too can go over to YouTube, watch a few set of videos that can help you improve, download photography books online and read, give yourself assignments to complete and so much more to do. There’s just more to learn than we can ever imagine.

I hope we will stop being confused.
I hope to make strong decisions
And I hope to hear from you via the comments section.

Yours photographically,


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