Instagram Filters – Why use them? 

Dear reader,

Original image which has recieved my personal filter flow

Top of the morning, afternoon or evening to you (depending on when you reading this) How is June treating you? It’s being raining everyday in almost every Southwestern Nigerian state. A quick non photography tip is to walk with an umbrella, you never know when the clouds will get angry.

Have I ever told you everyone is a photographer? I did so in my previous post, All protocols duly observed   but I did tell you that not everyone is a professional photographer and one of the things that will set a difference from the pro and the enthusiasts is the use of Instagram filters. I’m not condemning anyone for using filters, I’m just here to enlighten you more 😀

Have you ever told a client or as a client have you ever been told that “when you are posting the pictures on Instagram please add no filters?” it sounds a big insulting right, you be like “So you mean I don’t know whats beautiful?” Hey fam, no one is insulting anyone rather we are just protecting everyone. Now I’ll explain why I wouldn’t use Instagram filters.

Filters have their purpose.

With the digital age, its very easy to make an image look totally different from the other, extremely easy, just the click of a button. When Instagram filters never existed, we had our way of doing it while shooting. Lenses have and still have several filters that can be bought online (Try B&H if you are interested) but they aren’t used as an everyday thingy. It had a purpose. If the day was cool, no sunshine, probably after an heavy rain, you might want to try a blue warming filter, it would enhance the skies blue and give the image an overall softer feel. But now, everyone step into Instagram like its a park n shop branch, try on several filters like clothes and be like, this is OK! NO!!!!

Why I don’t use Instagram filters.

Because I don’t need them! As a photographer you must have ensured your images are well cooked before leaving Lightroom et al. If you aren’t sure of the beauty of you images, that’s why you’ll be forced to revert to Instagram filters. Unfortunately each filter has its side effects, some add overexposure to several parts of the image leaving some well exposed and some under exposed. Some add to much of a colour (green, blue etc) to your image, you don’t need to support your secondary school sports house on your images you know (just saying). Some of too much contrast. This is because all these filters are built on what we call curves and curves. These two parameters are tweaked in your image and they give you whatever the look that is saved to each filter. The big problem arises when that image isn’t suited for the filter you choosing and you end up using it because “I love it”. So here’s the only solution.

Instagram filter amaro brings a bit of overexposure to the center of my image
Juno gives an high amount of saturation

Clarendon excessive contrast and green output doesn’t go too well with me.

If I use will use instagram
filters, it’s the lux guy up above or creama and Aden but I use them once a year. 😀

Way forward? 

Having a custom feel to your image is like ordering pizza with the shape of your head as its design or making a cake in human size and looking just like you (don’t make such orders please, you didn’t read them here). All I’m saying is, it’s going to be uniquely yours. No two photographers would probably use the same parameters in levels and curves and if you do, you probably won’t be in the same market. When I see an image by Lakin Ogunbanwo, I need no one to tell me, he threads on having contrasts high enough and his colours are always in your face. When is on BnW, he’s always on extremely black and extremely white (you dig). As for Rani Tahouf, he’s the golden boy, he just knows how to give you the golden effect to his image. As for me, I just know I do something different 😂

Make your own filter or try VSCO

If you are just an enthusiast, download vsco from the playstore and buy a set of professional filters (expensive, but worth it) they will make your images look better than the amaro brothers of my Instagram. Till I come you way again,

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Yours photographically,
Peter Alawode.


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