God is a photographer 

Okay so I just finished reading Eric Kim’s blog post which is titled “How to be a good blogger” and I find it as a soothing pill to the challenges I’ve faced for over two years of setting up this blog. I want this blog to be the home of photographers and photography enthusiasts who need to seek education or talk about a topic that’s bothering them but I have always found it difficult to keep up with myself. I guess this was probably because I searched for topics everywhere when they weren’t lost. Eric pointed out the fact that you can just write, write spontaneously, be yourself in your writing, exhibit your emotions. These are a lifesaver to me as I’ve decided to ensure that I make this place a haven of rich photography content which is totally open source.

I’m a Christian and an avid believer of the existence of a supernatural being called God. If there was no God, I don’t think we can be able to explain some factors in our planet that today still have no explanations. The big bang as scientists would say formed the creation of the universe, but who triggered the Big Bang? I’m not here as a scientist, but a photographer and I want to let you know that God is a photographer.

Photography is aesthetic, God is.

The aim of photography is to show beauty, God made the world to be beautiful. In it he has a good combination of colours that today we photographers rely on to show beauty in our images. The human body is a complete work of art, each part of the body built in pairs except for our external reproductive organs (if that was in pairs two, well, let’s leave that story). The arms, legs, eyes, ears, etc are in pairs. When the body is divided symmetrically, we have equal sides. This follows the principal of balance in photography. Everything about God is beautiful.

God made the human eye the greatest lens ever.

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”
— Dorothea Lange

For something I wondered what Lange meant with this statement but when I discovered it, I couldn’t but feel like giving her a big brown hug!!! When you’ve become good at what you do, you begin to see images before shooting them. I was working on my creative project ’21’ (which I shot in my dormitory room) with Anthony and at a point I held to my light stand and was just staring at him. What I was actually doing was seeing without my camera. While looking at him I was having a mental picture of what I wanted to do, I was putting a mental picture of how I wanted the final image to look, little did he know about that until when I said, “Let’s roll”. The human eye has every ability the lens possess, it can focus, it can auto focus but well, it’s a fixed mm lens, I’ll guess it’s an f1 18mm fixed lens (you can suggest otherwise) but one thing is certain, the eye is the beginning of a good picture. Olamide Alli was shooting Oyinkansola and I some days ago and he was saying something about me not posing to well and I replied

“I am used to seeing with my eye from the viewfinder, I can’t see the subject now, so I can’t paint from my eyes.”

When you look at your subject, you should be able to get their poses immediately because you can see the end product even before you click the shutter since you have a very good eye.

The best pair of lens are a good pair of legs.

Thank God for the legs, the only zooming option good gave us. These two parts don’t just house muscles and bones, they are meant to push us closer to the goodie bag. Great photos are those shot at the closest range possible. This probably explains my love for fixed range lenses. Learn to work to the subject, don’t be a ghost, don’t be secretive. Get close. The closer an image, the more the image is communicative with the subsequent viewer.


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I love photography and I love God,
Keep coming back,
Your comments are my meal so feed me,

Yours photographically,
Peter Alawode


13 thoughts on “God is a photographer 

  1. Indeed.
    God is the greatest artist in infinite forms.
    He sprinkled parts of His divine artistic features in all of creation. God bless you man


  2. Sorry, skipped eeverything you wrote after reading “who triggered the big bang”.
    Cos I started wondering who/what ttriggered whoever had triggered the big bang.


      1. So true. He isn’t for our incredibly minute and unimpressive brains, and His own trigger (His own creator) must be simply mind-blowing/unfathomable.
        And yet you hear some people claim He is a Trinity or that He is simply One.
        All the best on your photo life bro. Make some serious art, make some serious money.


        1. No one triggered him, that’s the mystery. The Trinity is the representation of the same God in three forms. As the father which he is, as the son when he needed to take the form of man to Reese our sins and as the Holy Spirit when he had left the earth and had to send a himself into the heart of every man that believes in him.

          All the best in your own endeavour too.


          1. Sorry, sorry, sorry, I just gotta ask.
            “No one triggered/created God”. Do you know this for a fact, or you simply have faith, or you’re just guessing?

            (cos I was thinking, if God wasn’t triggered/created, then it’s possible that the Big Bang wasn’t triggered/created, no?)


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