​”The dog licks its scrotum only because it knows only it can lick it best”

Dear reader, 
What a day. Today is the 5th of May, 2017. Today is not just special as its 30 days to my birthday, I remember today to be the birthday of a primary school friend who is now resting in peace. God bless her soul. 
Birthdays aren’t meant for me.

Everyone has always had beautiful stories about their birthdays. I’ve always struggled to find a memory. When I was a kid, I can’t remember having a canopy, some teletubbies, and some chairs I could dance round with my friends. My parents are very prudent in spending which I think they gave me some way. Best of a party we ever have holds on 12th June, Dad’s birthday, sequel to that day was my brothers birthday on 8th June. So we would have some nice meal, extra bottles of wine, some cupcakes et al but no party. I can recall last year I was talking to aHb friend about how I wanted to spend this year’s birthday with friends but it’s seeming impossible. So what do I do? 


As a human who doesn’t have a memory of ever receiving a birthday gift, I have decided to give myself one. I clock 21 on the 5th of June 2017 and I’ve decided to reward myself with 21 Images that will explore my creativity. I’ll work hard to show my creativity with the best friend I’ve had, the camera. The age 21 means a lot, to some it’s the begin of adulthood, to me, it’s a start of creativity unlimited. I’ll love to really have something nice on June 5, but as it stands, it might just be me, my lens, my pictures and my queen. 
Peter Alawode 


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