Dear readers 
Should I say, “Calvary greetings”? Well, there’s no Calvary to take you all to. Lens greetings, how has the New Year being photographically? For me it’s not been so nice, yet to photograph a single self inspired shot but thank goodness I’ll be busy this weekend and should put out one or two mad things for you. 

God is a photographer.

You should be disturbed by my opening sentence, right? Well not to be, the first lens making company actually belongs to God, he made the eye. 

When I teach people one or two things in photography, I lay serious emphasis on the eye. I teach focusing with the eye and most importantly, seeing it before shooting it. 

The eyes are complex just like a lens. Retinas and pupils coupled with other mechanism help our way of seeing. How we see colours, how far we can see, how good our vision is at night etc. For you to take a picture with the camera, you need your eye in the view finder not because the Live view is bad, but because the view finder makes you see the image in a 3D kind of view, it put’s you in the scene. 

Develop your eyes.

Before I click the shutter button, I already have the final picture playing all over my brain because my eye can merge everything together even before I decide to switch on the camera. I can tell before shooting if it’s going to be an aesthetic image or not and so decide not to shoot what I’ll consider not aesthetic from my eyes. Many of us have this gift from God due to our art inclination and for some, they built it but for most people, it’s a tussle everyday. I can spend 30 minutes thinking and putting the bits together for a picture and spend just 4 minutes shooting with just 15-20 multiple raw shots all because I can draw the image in my head with my eyes before I shoot. So it’s a finished art work from the moment I click the shutter. 

Here’s a set of images u too for the shot I wanted, 4 portraits, 4 landscapes and I only worked with the first landscape

How to develop your eyes.

This is the question you want an answer to badly right? 


Just keep shooting. I don’t know any way to do so, just keep shooting. Shoot today, shoot tomorrow, shoot at the coffee shop, at the salon, at the car park, on bed, just keep shooting. Shoot at night, raise your ISO, just keep shooting. 

Someone once asked me how many pictures I had taken since I began handling cameras in 2010, “I think its 999 trillion and I think 998 trillion on them have been between 2015 till date”, I replied. I discovered that the more I shot, the better I got. I kept learning with every bad photograph and I never repeated the mistakes again. Here are a few tips I’ll give you. 

  • Keep shooting, shoot what you love not hat will give you money only
  • Look at people’s work and try to figure out how they achieved such artistic work. 
  • Understand your strengths and weekness and build on them
  • Don’t think you can’t have a good eye too, it’s just practice 
  • Never give up. Those who do never get anything. 

Final Shot

Yours photographically, 

Peter Alawode. 

Remember friends, everything here is open source. 

Why not ask me a question by using the comment box below?


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