Do Something New in 2017.

Dear reader, 

Creativity takes courage.

Henri Matisse

Mum plus block puzzle
There’s always been a wish every blogger prays for, a magic writing pen. I sometimes wish I can have my blog posts written by my thoughts and not my fingers. Maybe a post every two days target would have been a story now. That’s by the way guys, 
What the 17!

So the New Year has been welcomed with much merry, for me it’s been at home with my parents. It becomes hard to keep my photographic instincts going here since I can’t find team players at my fingertips but its being an haven for free thinking. Several conceptual photography ideas have blasted through my head as I sit distraught, from Les absurdites to FabFeb and the Confused state. Question is, which will I take up and express myself in? That’s a question I must answer before February 4, or maybe I’ll end up with none. 

Mum has her hair being made


If there’s way I can say I’m done with boredom, it’ll definitely be Boredone. I’ve always been a pricky handed photographer in my early days basically because back then I was in the learning process. I was curious about the result I’ll get whenever I shot with my Sony a200. Now I wonder, where did that curiosity go? I say a friend of mine, Wahab Stephen of Extreme24 photography doing a 365 Day Project, I sometimes wish I can do such but am just too unfocused as a human, you know, this Gemini Ish? I’ll get tired on day 125 probably. 

Dad makes dinner

Do Something New. 

As I finish writing this post, I’ll embark on something out of my comfort zone. Something that’s make me curious again. We can all avoid boredom and photograpy dip when we tend to take up a challenge. You could be a portrait photographer, come try the streets it’s not gonna bore you. We should never be afraid to change, in changes we see new ways to achieving great, if not greater results. In changes, we experience ourselves in new worlds, worlds were we have to find our way back to earth. I’ve decided to do something new this month and the eleven to come, have you too? 
I am,

Yours photographically, 

Peter Alawode.


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