Think Outside the Box. Just do it

open sourceDear friend, 

So today I decided to do some photography shopping. Even though I’m a photographer who doesn’t believe in gear acquisition, some gear are still needed as a portrait photographer. I got a light stand and two umbrellas to start with. I had been shooting off camera last year until… Trigger packed up. 

Do not try to repair em

Last September I bought a speedlite, it lived only a week. Till today, the dude who claims to be an expert at repairing such items hasn’t found its panel ironically. I decided to give him a chance with much triggers. He got the error point I think, screwed it back, I tested it and it worked, I got home and it didn’t work. Wait, did I just say I tested it and it worked? I think that has broken the camels back, no more repairs. Seems it’s just better to get a new one than attempt a repair (even though Ive seen people who were lucky and came out good) 

Think outside the box

After battling with the trigger for close to an hour, I thought to myself, 

I have never tried to use my speedlite as a slave with my camera pop up camera being the master, optical triggering I think. I decided to test run. 

Indoors, I get some shadows on my subject, I think it’s cos the room had little to no ambient light, and my distance to subject was a bit close too, I’ll still take time to figure how to get that well. When I got outside, it was heaven on earth. The speedlite’s sensor or Of read the cameras light at virtually every angle I stood and this was the result. 

Well, I’d kinda miss those triggers but, lots to learn. I think we should all begin to try to ask ourselves more questions. Can it work this way? How about this? How do I then overcome this? rather than go all down and sad 😔. It no epp anybody. Soon I’ll shoot more pictures using this technique and show you all. Till then, take care and keep shooting. 

Remember friends, everything on this blog is Open source


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