Is Retouching the key to good pictures? – No! 

Good day readers, 
Merry Christmas. It’s snowy ❄ over there but as we would expect, harmattarn is here, we haven’t seen such extreme ones as it would be when I was much younger, maybe climate change has actually come to pass, if so, can’t wait to see snow in Nigeria then. That’s by the way!!! 

Some days ago, we were chatting on my whatsapp group for photographers, Learn shutter. (you can join the group by clicking this link) and someone sent a picture of a retouching material then we had an argument for or against retouching as a key for every photographer. 

There’s no rule that can’t be broken 

It’s no news that alot of photographers spend extra time retouching a beauty portrait just to give it the final touch that would appeal to your eyes but things are fast changing. As a photographer, I’m of the philosophy that retouching wastes my time. Look, all you need to do is

Pose is:

Every photographer reading this post will agree that the backbone of every photograph is the composition and the pose of then model to pass what ever message is meant to be passed through the pictures. Then what you need the most is understanding how to create stunning pictures from the moment you click client shutter release button. If the picture is defining from that moment, no one is going to think about the retouching because all eyes will be glued on how such concept was gotten. 

Beauty photographers will still argue that without retouching, you are incomplete. 

I find myself comfortable with my dodge and burn tool, spot removal and worst case scenario, portraiture plugin but then frequency separation and co. aren’t my best friends. So if you are to retouch, make it simple. Everyone’s shooting ideology and style is different, I’m more of the journalistic individual considering the fact the I learned how to shoot via the street photography where your approach is 90% candid and black and white.

I miss the streets, my heart is yearning for some more of it, I’ve just got to go back soon 

So, retouching or let me say serious retouching isn’t for everybody. There’s a lot more important things you can spend time learning, more photography ideas, lots of other things that would drastically improve your photography from in camera. Don’t be intimidated by the good retouched pictures and see yourself as unprofessional, there’s more you can do without retouching. Its simply put

Don’t be a good Photoshop photographer, be a good photographer! 


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