New Year Resolutions – Making One? 

As I write this post I can vividly remember certain photography promises I made to myself last year? 

Peter Alawode Photography

At this time last here, here was what was in my bag

Sonya200, 50mm SAM lens, 

Konica Minolta Film Flash 

5-in-1 reflector 

And that’s all. 

Fast forward to this year

Sony a58, 50mm

Godox Trigger and Receiver 

2 digital speedlites 

Hey, nothing seems special right? No something does, I made New Year resolutions concerning photography and I think I’ve been able to stick with them. Most importantly, changing my camera.

What Resolutions Can I Make for 2017?

The main reason why most people don’t make resolutions is because they find it hard to keep, so here’s what’s going to top the list of my suggestions of New Year resolutions you can make. 

1. Stick to promises you make to yourself and others

2. Get a new camera 

3. Try a new type of photography (wildlife, underwater, aerial, architecture etc) 

4. Embark on a photography project 

5. Teach some photography to teenagers

6. Try another camera maker

7. Use an analogue camera for a shoot 

8. Venture into photography blogging 

9. Give free shoots to the less privilege 

10. Join a photography club (I currently have LearnShutter) 

11. Photograph yourself for 365 days

12. Join an international photography community 

13. Learn Retouching 

14. Try light painting 

15. Run a photography promo (don’t overdo though) 

16. Open a physical Space

17. Work on your social media presence 

18. Try Black And White Photography 

19. Stick to business rules you set

20. Add Yours 

So friends, there you go, I’ve listed 19+1 resolutions you can make for year 2017, what can you add to it??? Let’s talk, use the comments section below. 


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