We risk it to get the biscuit!


Dear reader,

It’s been a great 2 years as an entrepreneur. Taking the decision whilst I was still a teenager is something I would always count as the most important moment of my life. The journey is fun of course but there’s only one unwanted passenger – RISK


When you are yet to take a single risk as an entrepreneur, you are not yet in the game. It’s like football match starting without a kick-off – Peter Alawode

The Unexpected Big Bang
When I got back from Abuja, I went to a store and picked up a Meike speedlite, even though I had no money on me, I was allowed to leave with the speedlite as I was already credit worthy at the store. A week later, the speedlite got faulty while on set – long story short, I had to buy a new one again and I’ve sent the old one to the repair office.

Every Picture Is A Risk
When you start shooting you would discover that for you to get certain shots and certain looks, you need to get out of your comfort zone. I shot an image of the Abuja skyline from Kpaduma Hills Abuja, in the process I got injured and I still have the mark on my elbow till today but the image is well appreciated till today. I’ve got to learn that every picture we shoot is a risk. We put our subjects in awkward positions, we take awkward positions, hope for the perfect weather and several other determiners to go our way but the irony of the game is the fact that it just won’t go our way all the time


See risks as an hurdle in a 110m Olympic Race.

One thing that makes the hurdles race different from every other race is the fact that the hurdles are meant to be jumped over before you can be declared winner. No participant fails to jump over then and expect to be winner. That’s just what risks are to an entrepreneur. We have to jump over them always. The fear of risks – should I say riskophobia? – will add absolutely nothing to your photography and a business as a whole. Start an offer that’s so irresistible – you might think you are losing but the awareness will be created.

Invest in Gear not Beer

Finally, I have a project am working on, #31DaysOfOctober which will involve 30 Mad Pictures each day. More to come on that soon. Till then,

Yours photographically,
Peter Alawode.

Remember everything on this blog is open source


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