The Social Media and the Photographer (1)


Dear Friends,

This is the first time I’ll be writing since I got back to Ibadan, the ancient city Is doing fine and it’s inhabitants are full of life as always.

Running a photography business as a sole proprietor is definitely the most daunting task out there. When I decided to be my own boss in 2014, I had little over 150$ as my capital. Today, the business had expanded its scope and will be launching a photography school soon (it’s a secret 😁) In this post, which will be the first in a series of posts, I’ll be checking on how the social media influences business in the internet age and in particular attention to photography.


Entrepreneurs are stingy
Here’s a quote that evokes arguments once raised. By saying entrepreneurs are stingy I don’t mean they are tight-fisted but rather they are perceived by family and friends as being stingy because they don’t spend lavishly at social functions, parties, unnecessary pleasures etc. An entrepreneur should spend more money on his business at all cost. Remember I said, ‘more’ money not ‘all’ the money. Watch your income and outcome, to do this, I have a balance sheet for the business where on a daily basis I record how much I’ve spent and earned that day. On a Monthly basis, I check if I’ve run at a loss or profit.

Peter Alawode Photography

Now, the real deal

The social media is the new marketplace. Did you draw a business plan at the beginning of your business? If not, kindly take 3 steps backwards and do that. Whilst doing a survey of the client base I’ll be working with (as an undergraduate entrepreneur) I discovered 80% will be within the age range of 18-29 (portraits and lifestyle) and this are the internet heavy individuals. So, I needed to be on the internet, not just there but as an active user of the internet. The other 20% feel between 30-50 year olds, who may need family portraits or wanna celebrate their birthdays and so on. To reach them, another method was put into use. Adults value words of mouth, so all I did was, let some individuals in there age group know what I do and how well I do it, then they told there friends. Also, there’s a more formality when dealing with them too.

Now, let’s look at how to get the 80% internet heavy client base.

Promos do you no harm
A very strong marketing strategy is running promos either bi-monthly, or monthly. Just give a stranger a free shoot. Make it professional as much as you can and that’s it. You’ve added one person into your client base because when they actually need your services, they would be forced to think about nobody but you first. Here’s a promo I usually do

Are, you born in the month of July? Celebrating it? then get a free birthday shoot Now.

I ask contestants to upload a selfie on IG, tag me, use an hashtag and ask friends to like their pictures which will be reposted on my profile. You see, I get to shoot you, get extra followers and get more popular. I ain’t losing

Peter Alawode Photography


Their are no limits to marketing, create an idea and use it

I think I’ve overspent my time on this post, while we all chill and feel real can we try any of these strategies and see the results? Oh! I think I have a comment box down there, why no share with us your own personal marketing strategies? It would be of help to a million souls.

Remember friends, everything on this blog is open source


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