Dear Sony a200, Goodbye

When I bought the Sony a200, it was like a dream come true, I had wished for a professional camera for years and I finally got one. 2 years on and our Romance hasn’t gone sour, but I’ve deemed it fit that the camera receives a younger brother. This has resulted in the arrival of the Sony alpha 58!


Two things this camera thought me was to make good Images and believe in them

When I got this 2008 masterpiece in 2014 that seemed like a big mistake, I quite admit it was a mistake because I had little to no idea about Sony cameras neither did I believe that any other camera can produce stunning images as the popular brands amongst Nigerian Photographers. My choice for the camera then was solely determined by my inadequate funds and the a200 was a big relief to me. 2 years on, it’s been a catalyst for development.

Here are the two cameras, Sony a58 (right) a 200(left)

In the first few months I bought this masterpiece, I asked a lot of questions, asking these questions evolved answers that made me understand the underlying rudiments for a good photograph. For the memories we had, shooting celebrities such as Falz, Laura Ikeji, Tolu, etc cannot be forgotten in time memorial!

This was the best teacher I ever had in photography

When you find yourself in between the devil and the blue sea, it seems like that’s the end of the world. When I began to shoot street photographs with my a200, I began to learn more and more about photography. Every shot gone bad was a lesson learnt, every poor composition was a lesson learnt. If there’s one thing this 10.2mp beast did for me, it’s being the best teacher I’ve ever had.

It’s successor, the Sony alpha 58 is a 20.1mp slt camera (single lens translucent) with 8fps, HD video recording at 1080i, 100% coverage viewfinder, and a very fast auto-focus. I hope so shoot more intriguing images with it as I began to unravel its own mysteries, until then, here are two pictures I’ve shot with the a58.

Peter Alawode Photography
Peter Alawode Photography

One thing is for sure, I’ll definitely utilize the potentials of this new Sony alpha 58 camera, but until I do, don’t stop reading my posts.

Remember, everything on this blog is open source


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