Why I went into photography


Dear Friends,

On one sunny afternoon, I was having a quick snack in the balcony when a friend pulled up on whatsapp, “why did you go into photography?” Then I thought, I need to write on this.Many answers pop up when that question is asked, some say “for fun” to others, “it’s a lucrative business” but to me it’s an entirely different ball game.

Let me take you back in time and space, when I was 7, well, I had a broken analogue camera (I think Kodak) it was an analogue point and shoot camera and all I could do with it was look through the viewfinder and click the shutter release button to get some nice click sounds. That was to me, fun! On getting to high school, I had a family friend, well she’s into photography and that was where I had my first contact with a professional DSLR camera but our fairy tale went sour. That was because I wasn’t getting what I expected. Feeding my eyes on the internet then and seeing the works of Kelechi Amadi Obi (that was 2010) I wanted to do things at his level but I knew what I was doing wasn’t a percent of his so, the romance ended.

After secondary school, then I saved up for my first camera and that is the Sony alpha 200 and when I bought it I knew my primary aim wasn’t money making.

“Don’t rush into the industry because you need to make money, rush into it because you need to create arts

Child hawkers

My main aim was to create fine art. I decided the perfect means was street photography. This was fueled by meeting Korean street photographer, Eric Kim. His blog contains invaluable amount of photography tips for the upcoming photographer and that was it. I then learnt the physics of photography on the streets, shooting street photography doesn’t give me a dime but it gives me joy and pleasure. On the street I learnt that those thugs ain’t actually bad boys, they just look bad.

So, dear friends, that’s it. You need to go into photography for the arts at first then the cash will come from the arts you’ve created. Everything in photography is artistic, that’s what composition is all about. Sometimes I spend hours before a shoot thinking of what to do so as to bring that artistic flow then when I get it, it’s like a hit on the jackpot.

Let me have your experiences dear friends. If you a photographer already, how did you get into the industry, if you are just a reader/client, got any questions about my own experience? Then use the comments box, it’s not harmful.

Yours photographically,
Peter Alawode


10 thoughts on “Why I went into photography

  1. Photography is what I really have passion for right from childhood! Your works really inspired me to start something and start somewhere no matter how small after procrastinating for a long time. Just got a camera and I’m really loving what I’m reading here


  2. alawode,I actually had a passion for photography way back but my parents wanted Law, now dey learnt their mistake and dey are willing to get one for me.I would be going to street and scenery.. wat do u advise…..p.s:am the greatest admirer of your works…….

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    1. Dear Tega, Get any camera you feel ok with. I don’t recommend any brand over another because all cameras are good. Get a 50mm lens and an 18-200 maybe so that you can delve into portraits easily. a camera with 14mp is okay, get one with a universal hot-shoe and easy transfer of images. Sony a6000 is okay but above 90,000N


  3. Dear photographer, you actually are one of those who made me develop passion for Photography… I just love the opportunity photography gives to be able to express what one has in Mind… I’ve not gotten a Camera, I’m still a student of the course (Photography) though, But I beleive I’m gonna be great by the time God’is through with me. I must Confess #PhotoGraphy_Inspires #Photography_Expresses


    1. Dear Imanuel, I felt shy when I read this , or should I say I was blushing? I’m happy you into photography, when you get a camera, endeavour to shoot beauty first. Take pictures that are beautiful to you not minding how much it will cost you personally to do it. It will develop your skills in a very fascinating way.


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