A Letter to the amateur street photographer.

Man makes phone call in Lagos

Dear friend,

I want to share with you how I’ve been able to create breathtaking images in real time. It’s actually quite difficult for the starter but with actual time, you get to become a professional at it. First thing I do is take a picture in my head. While I walk, I see something and once I term it as intriguing in my head, I don’t hesitate to shoot it. Then I get my settings right, well,  a fast shutter speed, tight aperture but high ISO, that’s the way because an open aperture can make focusing annoying.

Then it’s done, click and walk away, simple as ABC. Remember, you free to get to any position to get a street photograph. Don’t be afraid, no one is going to argue out with you, I mean, everyone is busy going to work or somewhere else.

I’ll be expecting to see some street photographs from you soon. My email is open for you peterhaloway@gmail.com

Yours photographically
Alawode Peter

A woman is seen with her baby

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