2016 : 5 Photographers to watch out for.

Hello 2016, how art thou been treating people? 😁 2015 was indeed a great year for photography in Nigeria, lots of clients to savor our lenses and lots of beautiful images created by my fellow fine art photographers. In this post I want to present to you 5 budding photographers that I am looking forward to their professionalism in 2016. Come along,

1. Tobi Olaobaju

Tim-Mcbaj visuals as he widely referred to is one of Nigerias Youth sensations in the photography industry, mostly shooting portraits. He’s brilliancy with concepts and composition makes him one time savour. If he can get his game right, he should get a big break.

2. Rani Tahouf
And here is my brother in Sony πŸ˜€. Rani has got skills, guts and also a eye for beauty as most of his portraits are aimed at showing the inner beauty in his subjects. Fashion Portrait is his specialization and this makes him a lover of fine details.

3. Dulcis Photography
His fist name is Sugar, πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜πŸ˜‚ oh yeah, sugar and more sugar should be what I want to see from this young man in 2016.

4. Rex Photography

Kareem Ifeoluwa is a final year student at university of Ibadan, and my fellow brother in crime. We met in 2014 and he’s been an influence to me but I will love to see more fascinating images from him in 2016. He’s love for portraits is unmatched so why not zoom πŸ”Ž in to the fine details.

5. DarknDudu photography

From the name, this guy is definitely a very dark complexioned guy 😁 but that’s not the issue, Ashade Theophilus is a lifestyle photographer who has an amazing way of making scenes look ‘boom’.

So, watch out for these five niggas in your neighborhood, you can contact them via their instagram pages. I remain,

Yours photographically,
Peter Alawode.


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