#The50sByPeterAlawode July 6-12 – A week of the candids

Happy new week! It’s another week for great photographs but lemme give you a sort of inspiration for the next few minutes you spend reading this.
1. Pay attention

Peter Alawode Photography - a young woman seen with a mobile phone

Since the mobile phone came to this part of the world, it’s become an integral part of our everyday lives but I’ve noticed some people just don’t know when to use it. This woman is caught in her mobile phone from about 20 metres away from me until I clicked the shutter. Date Taken : July 6, 2016
Candid Portrait

2. Woman on the hustle

Peter Alawode Photography - a woman in Lagos Nigeria

Till now I’m at still wondering what’s in that big sack, something tells me it’s items meant for recycling.
Date Taken : July 7, 2016
Candid Portrait

3. Tongue out!

Peter Alawode Photography - A young nigerian man on the streets of Lagos

Saw this dude from afar, loved his swag but most importantly his sponge bob shirt (hope I spelt it well)
Date Taken : July 8, 2016
Candid Portrait

4. Kids Are So Intelligent

Peter Alawode Photography

So I was walking and saw this kid being carried by her dad I believe. I decided to shoot and after I walked ahead of them I overheard her telling her father that she just took a picture 😆😆😆
Date Taken : July 9, 2016
Candid Portrait

5. Ladies in Blue

Two young women are seen in Lagos

Find something in common? Both ladies had blue on, one as a skirt, the other as a top, was wondering if today was ‘world blue day’
Date Taken : July 10, 2016
Candid Portrait

6. A foreigners annoyance

Peter Alawode Photography - A homeless woman in Lagos

This is probably my best picture of the week, every Lagos citizen will know what happens when you climb the Ikeja along pedestrian bridge, young kids will come walking over to you asking for alms. On Saturday, I was approached by one, I gave the kid some money, but then I saw her mother and as I was about to descend the bridge I remembered Eric Kim talking about leading lines, I saw the rails of the bridge and said “leading line” and I took the image without hesitation. She was quick to notice me and in the image wanted to excuse herself from my frame, but thanks to fast shutter speeds, she later exclaimed “wetin?” meaning indirectly “why are u taking my picture”. I stopped, looked at her, smiled heavily and walked away.
Date Taken : July 11, 2016
Candid Portrait

7. Surprised at seeing a camera

Peter Alawode Photography - children laughing in Lagos

In this country, Street photography is still an infant and its quite surprising when people see you walking around with a camera (to them it’s an aimless stuff) this kids saw me with my camera, asked I take a picture, I decided to take, then they busted into laughter thinking I wasn’t going to take the photograph.
Date Taken : July 12, 2016
Candid Portrait

The day street photography becomes a recognizable genre of photography in this country is the day we all we realise that there’s a lot of love in this country

for each other

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