#The50sByPeterAlawode : June 29 – July 5

So it’s another new week, happy new month once again. Our #The50sByPeterAlawode project is still on and am about to showcase this week’s top 7 to you.
1. music is the food of the soul

Peter Alawode Photography - man with earphones

Nothing attracts me this image than the fact that this man had his earphones on. Am a advocate of good music and Even on my walks I have an earphone on if possible.
Date Taken: June 29, 2015
Candid Portrait

2. Just for laughs

Peter Alawode Photography - Young school student dressed funny

Was walking home after work and I saw this kid dressed up like this, I told him he looked cool, and he said it’s old school day in his secondary school. What more than make a photograph afterwards.
Date Taken: June 30, 2015
Posed Portrait

3. Thinking makes you age faster

Peter Alawode Photography - An African woman lost in her thoughts

Alright, so I’m in a tricycle seated and this woman prefers to sit by the roadside. Dunno why, she looks dressed enough to be in her senses, I mean she ain’t got a mental illness but then upon closer examination I discovered she’s lost in her thinking
Date Taken: July 1, 2015
Candid Portrait

4. Loving waving kid

Peter Alawode Photography - Young African girl waves her hand

She had visited me at home when I arrived home early on Thursday, then as her mum came to pick her, she asked her, say goodbye to uncle and waoh, some food was cooking behind my camera!
Date Taken: July 2, 2015
Candid Portrait

5. No Parking, keep walking

Peter Alawode Photography - Woman and kid walking in Nigeria

All right, this is on of my favourites, I got this image of a lady holding her kid Bro I suspect. Nothing makes this image epic looking than the ‘No parking’ iron ish there and the little boy body alignment, looks like he’s about to fall 😁. It’s not your home right? So No parking guys, keep walking!
Date Taken: July 3, 2015
Posed Portrait

6. The siblings.

Peter Alawode Photography - portraits of two siblings in Nigeria

Okay, I was buying an item at a woman’s shop, then I saw her two kids, my camera was round my neck the dude shouted “mummy photo”, asking his mum for permission to take a portrait. At first reluctant because she never knew me, then accepted when I started to give a few candid clicks whilst he’s begging her. His sister joined her for this frame, ain’t they lovely
Date Taken: July 4, 2015
Posed Portrait

7. Finally Happy.

Peter Alawode Photography - Young boy laughs after taking a picture

So the kid above had his image taken a nd  when I decided to show him his picture from my cameras screen, I squatted and he saw it, stood still for a moment, I rose up then he laughed incessantly raising his head up to my lens, why won’t I click? Guessed he was laughing cos my camera could have taken him and he just was loving the moment. I’ll be delivering this pictures to him in small prints soon :mrgreen:😁

That’s it, 7 days again, which is your favourite? I’ll appreciate your comments. Obrigado

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