#The50sByPeterAlawode : June 15 – 21 Portraits

Peter Alawode Photography - #The50sByPeterAlawode project is a street photography project that involves taking fifty portraits in fifty days using a fifty millimeter lens.

So this project has kicked off on a bumper start, the very first evening out was definitely one of the best nights of my life, only I knows why, guess it’s the abundance subjects or the old faces I reignited with that day. Incase you are not aware, it’s a project aimed at photographing 50 portraits in 50 days with a 50mm lens. Today I want to unveil the first seven arranged in no particular order. #The50sByPeterAlawode

No Food For Lazy Woman
Okay, so I saw this fulani woman walking towards me, It then struck me how these women have become hardworking in the business capital of Nigeria, Lagos. Traditionally, hausa/fulani women are perceived not to do strenuous work. I took the image and stopped her to patronise her. She had a meal that well, I can’t eat so I just proceeded to asking her, “why you dey hawk till this late hour” (around 6pm) she said, “If I no work, how my family go chop?”

Peter Alawode Photography - a fulani woman hawks in Lagos.

This just goes to buttress the cost of living has risen and so to make ends meet women, seen as weaker vessels, now work hard all day long.
Date Taken : June 15, 2015
Candid portrait

No Food, No Books
Remember your primary school days? It’s virtually impossible for you to study without a rubber made basket that encloses a food flask, some water and a spoon.

Peter Alawode Photography - A kid is seen going to school with his important food flask

Looking at the picture you can spot the boy behind, he too isn’t left out.
Date Taken: June 16, 2015
Candid portrait

What A Show Of Love.
I saw these kids with their guardian at a tap near a home, I walked to them, requested if I can take some photographs of them for free, the parent give her consent. I then told the boy, “hold her hand boy” but he had better plans

Peter Alawode Photography - two kids giving a passionate kiss

Lo and behold, he gave her a kiss, then I discovered that they actually wanted to show they loved each other. Even with their hands, love was shown (they were eating a shared corn). Who was your childhood crush? :mrgreen:
Date Taken: June 17, 2015
Posed portrait

Do suits soothe you?
This man had intrigued me with the items he had in hand. Polythene bags and a flat file bag.


He is definitely stressed out, overworked and not getting the pay for it yet he dresses in suits just to save his job. White collar right? You need a white shirt and a suit!
Date Taken: June 18, 2015
Candid portrait

Aging Gracefully
Nigeria’s population is incomplete without the elderly ones. This lady I think should be in her late 60’s saw me taking a photograph while seated in the same tricycle with her. She then asked “photograph me too na” she didn’t believe I’d actually take the photograph since she was of the opinion that no one takes free photographs on the streets.

Peter Alawode Photography - Aging gracefully

Hope the country takes care of the aging too!
Date Taken: June 19, 2015
Posed Portrait

Tradition isn’t Dead
I was walking to work on Saturday morning and I saw this kid dressed in traditional yoruba attires, he said “I love it” most people believe the younger generation don’t have a flair for there traditionally attires, some only wear it when it’s wedding time *probably*😂

Peter Alawode Photography - a young boy dresses in yoruba traditional attire

Lovely cap kid 😄
Date Taken: June 20, 2015
Posed Portrait

Joy for the kids
Sunday morning, was coming from service and this kids saw me with a camera, then one popped up in Yoruba “snap us” I took a couple of shots candidly but they had time for real business so we decided to have a pose.
The older boy then created a pose that drove me waoh, is he beheading his sister? 😁


The sister then gave a funny look, their hands were talking photographically.
Date Taken: June 21, 2015
Posed Portrait

One of the greatest things in life is to document humanity with a second of clicking a mechanical device – the camera.

That’s how far I can go guys, till next week Sunday, watch out for the next 7 images. Follow me on Instagram @peteralawode and twitter @peteralawode

For questions or enquiries contact me by filling the contact us page

What do you think about the portraits? which is your favourite? I’ll be more than glad to reply your comments.


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