Becoming a critical photographer

Forgive me friends for not posting frequently, promise to do more frequently in the coming days.


I had a friend, she was about to get married and needed a wedding photographer. She contacted me and I gave her my billing but then came the tornado, her groom had another friend he wanted to photograph the wedding. So she told me it was bringing some sort of rancor and I told her I wouldn’t accept the job if the groom insists it’s not me.

So, wedding day came, I went to the wedding with my photography assistant, Joshua Osobase for a few freelance shots. The photographer who was contracted came with a Canon eos 7d (really good camera right) then I had a Sony alpha 200 (2008 model camera). Working with the other guy was held on heaven, at times he made remarks to make my photography assistant feel intimidated but the guy too no be small boy. He was controlling the territory, dictating the moves and had to make we are work with ingenuity.

Finally a few days ago, he brought his final product, an 8×12 photo book and then came the big joke. The lady called me over to her office and began to request for the freelance shots I took (97). I at first inclined to giving her, but changed my mind cos of friendship. On getting to her office, he showed me the guys final product.

Now guys am not trying to condemn here, we just using his case to elucidate and educate ourselves. The images were too dark, he cut of their heads in some places when he was getting the rule of composition with follows duality wrong, And so many other blunders. He’s got in his custody an APC-S camera, what went wrong?

He probably shot on fine rather than raw

He had bad editing skills 

He’s got no idea about composition 

But the greatest error was that, he  wasn’t a critical photographer! 


What do I mean by bean a critical photographer? As a photographer you tend to believe your shots are super good, but that moment when you begin to look at your images with an unbiased view and spot out those you made mistakes then you’re becoming critical of yourself. Photography is about aesthetics, do you find the image beautiful? If not then you gonna see the photographer as being bad. So what’s the solution? See yourself as the client when post processing your images rather than as a photographer. Never be afraid to ditch images that have one or two flaws, we definitely can make flaws, some professional some unknowingly but admit when you make a mistake that you’ve made a mistake. It’s gonna make you a matured photographer!

So till next time, promise you going to be a more critical photographer, and probably you can save yourself of unhappy clients.


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